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CorJus, Inc. is actively engaged in advocating for its members of public locally-operating community based correctional facilities and community corrections program in Ohio.  The association serves as an expert resource for the courts, local and state agencies, the Ohio General Assembly and the public about value and status of community based corrections and specific programs in Ohio.

CorJus’ advocacy agenda focuses on:

  • Promoting and protecting the benefits of local control for community based corrections programs

  • Working with lawmakers during state budget cycles to ensure CBCFs can continue to offer effective programs that reduce recidivism, reduce costs and protect communities

  • Working with ODRC to prioritize capital resources to CBCFs in need of repair or renovation

  • Monitoring legislation and offering insights and guidance on legislation impacting community corrections


CorJus, Inc. partners with the government relations team from Sean P. Dunn and Associates to achieve meaningful results for its members.  Members are encouraged to participate in the association’s advocacy activities by taking action, providing testimony, and communicating with their state and local officials.

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