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CorJus Inc.

providing justice and

safety in our communities


CorJus, Inc. is a professional, nonprofit (501 C-6) association comprised of Ohio’s publicly operated Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCFs.) CBCFs are prison diversion residential programs that promote community safety by providing cost efficient, effective services and programming to felony offenders.



CBCFs provide the most secure level of programmatic intervention in the community for eligible felony offenders, which includes education, job training, cognitive behavior therapy, family outreach, and substance abuse treatment during the time of their sentence.



CorJus members believe in the power of partnership.The organization embraces a collaborative approach to advancing its mission to provide cost-efficient sentencing and effective programming for offenders to reduce recidivism and protect communities.



To promote community safety by providing cost efficient sentencing options to the Common Pleas Courts and effective programming to the offenders placed in our facilities with the goal being to reduce the number of repeat offenders.


Eugene Gallo

P.O. Box 2400

Wintersville, Ohio 43953

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